FAQ - Frequently Asked Question to Pools by Ricciardi and Son

1. Will the pool discolor?

The pool will with stand the test of time, the pools are UV treated and require less maintenance than a concrete pool. The pool should be maintained as per the warranty specifications set by the manufacturer.

2. Will the pool crack?

The pools are constructed from one piece 100% fibreglass pool shell and will flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement.

3. Can I empty the pool?

The swimming pool should never be emptied. If there is a requirement for the pool to be emptied, for warranty reasons you should first consult the installer to advise on the situation.

4. Will the pool lift out of the ground?

All pools are fitted with a Hydrostatic valve in the floor this balances the outside pressure against the inside pressure of the pool which prevents the pool from lifting. If the pool is installed to manufacturer's requirements as set out in the install manual, it would be very uncommon.

5. How long will the pool last?

The pools come with a 25 year structural warranty.

6. Does a fiberglass pool “pop out” of the ground?

NO! Engineers will tell you that it is impossible for any pool to “pop out” of the ground when it is full of water. However, just like any pool … gunite, vinyl liner or fiberglass … lowering of the water level below recommendations will result in an uneven pressure and possibly result in damage.

7. Is the pool surface abrasive?

Fiberglass pools are smooth and safe unlike other materials fibreglass is not abrasive there are no sharp or dangerous edges.

8. Is fiberglass compatible with saltwater?

Yes fiberglass is totally compatible with Saltwater.

9. Do the pools stain?

The gel coat finish enables the pools to be stain resistant smooth surface which cleans easily and requires less chemicals saving you money.

10. Can fiberglass pools be heated?

No problem, in fact, most people heat their pools to extend the swimming season. Any type of heater will work with fiberglass pools.

11. Can lights be added?

Fiber optic, LED, or standard lighting can be used.

12. What accessories are standard?

 Our complete pool installation package includes a skimmer, main drain and return inlets … it’s ready to enjoy once installed.

13. What are the optional accessories?

Automatic pool cleaner, water heater, additional decking, slide, diving board, extra jets, winter cover, solar blanket and reel auto cover, ozone purification, ceramic tile, landscape lighting, fiber optic lighting, handrails, spill-over spas, water features and ladders.

14. How durable is a fiberglass pool?

The pool’s seamless construction withstands extreme environmental changes and can flex up to twelve full inches without damage. Our pools are engineered to be up to seventeen times stronger per inch than concrete pools. This remarkable flexing feature makes the fiberglass pool the most resilient to any weather and/or soil condition. No other pool comes close.

15. How difficult is a fiberglass pool to maintain?

Maintenance is easy allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool. The gel coat finish is smooth, hard and non-porous making it resistant to algae. This feature reduces chemical usage and maintenance costs. Unlike other types of pools, there is never a need to drain a one-piece fiberglass pool. And remember, a well maintained fiberglass pool will never require resurfacing.

16. How long does it take to install a pool ?

 Usually 3 to 5 days, weather permitting.


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